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Title Fourth week of June South Korea COVID-19 NEWS
Views 1,319 Date 2020-06-26

Hello, This is ST Plastic Surgery Marketing Team.

We are informing you that new COVID-19 situation going in South Korea

-South Korea reports 296 more cases of new coronavirus last week(6.20~6.26), total now at 12,602

-The number of regional confirmed patient centered on the metropolitan area has increased, and asymptomatic confirmed patient are also occurring.

-The authorities have eased the standard for quarantining detainees since the 25th of this month.
In asymptomatic patients, if there are no symptoms for 10 days, they can be released.

-The authorities decided to release the clinical information of 5,500 confirmed patients in preparation for the COVID-19 recurrence.

Wish your safeness and healthiness. 
From ST Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea.
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