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Title Third week of June South Korea COVID-19 NEWS
Views 1,662 Date 2020-06-19

Hello, This is ST Plastic Surgery Marketing Team.

We are informing you that new COVID-19 situation going in South Korea

-South Korea reports 293 more cases of new coronavirus last week(6.13~6.19), total now at 12,306

-Collective infections have been occurring in the Chungcheong region for the past week. (6.15∼6.18) : 2person→ 3person→ 6person→ 10person

-Generally 35-50 cases are reported in a day.

-South Korea requires facilities deemed to be "high-risk" of spreading COVID-19 to install QR code readers, the government said.
Places where multiple people gather around indoors, such as fitness centres, clubs, and karaoke bars, will be subject to the requirement, the Korea Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (KCDC) said.

Wish your safeness and healthiness. 
From ST Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea.
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