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Title Guides on quarantine procedures for inbound travelers from overseas
Views 1,379 Date 2020-06-15


Guides on quarantine procedures for inbound travelers from overseas 

from South Korea Government Website

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-Providing medical institutions with overseas travel histories

The Korean government provides information to medical institutions trough the system that 

checks for qualifications of examinees, the International Traveler Information System (ITS), and

Drug Utilization Review (DUR) so that they are allowed to access people's overseas travel history.

-Preventing spreading through early detection of infected patients

Early detection is key to prevent the virus from spreading. The Korean government has set up

and operated Screening station to increase patients'access to diagnostic tests, and has provided

rapid, large-scale diagnostic tests to detect patients.

-COVID-19 Screening station

Screening station provide separate treatment to people showing symptoms of the infectious 

including cough or fever before they enter health care facilities. As of April 8, 2020, 638 health 

centers and medical institutions operate Screening station, of which 95 percent (606 locations)

are equipped to collect samples onsite.

As of late, Screening station have become diversified to include drive-thru and walk-thru screening station.



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