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Title Video Consultation Photos
Views 1,210 Date 2020-04-24

We started video consultation for Indonesian clients!
Even you cannot come to Korea because of COVID-19, don't worry!
You can still have a consultation with Dr. Kim


[Photos of Video Consultation]


Every clients were satisfied about the consultation,

and they really want this pandemic is over and able to fly to Korea!!


Thanks again to everyone waiting us to get your surgery and procedure.

We promise we will offer you the best services!


Have a consultation with Dr.Kim and get surgery later!

We are always here for you~

Reserved time in April~May ,2020.
Please make a reservation with our English consultation office.

International clients who are interested in Plastic cosmetic surgery.

[Require time]
An hour to one and a half hour per participant

When the participation is confirmed, the participants will be notified individually.

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