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Title Video Consultation Notice
Views 1,156 Date 2020-04-10

<Video Consultation Notice>

Dear Indonesian clients


This is ST Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea.

It has been a while since we were last in touch. I hope you have been well.

I wanted to share an important notice with you. As you might be well aware,

because of COVID-19 outbreaks, it is difficult for Indonesian clients to visit Korea.

Therefore, we decided to hold video consultation for Indonesian clients. Any Indonesian clients

who are interested in plastic surgery will be welcomed.

We prepared special benefits as well. Please do not hesitate to ask about video consultation.

 I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Reserved time in April, 2020.

Please make a reservation with our English consultation office.



Indonesian clients who are interested in plastic cosmetic surgery.


[Require time]

An hour to one and a half hour per participant



When the participation is confirmed, the participants will be notified individually.


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