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Title ST's Year End Party, Good-bye 2017 ! + Fun party and presents~
Views 1,875 Date 2017-12-15



Hello everyone!, this is ST Plastic Surgery Clinic!


Cannot believe that 2017 is now almost gone! There are less than 2 weeks left!



To finish up 2017 and be prepared for coming new year,

ST family gathered for Year End Party!




December 14th, Thur, 2017


We had Year End Party at JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square which is about 30mins away from ST Plastic Surgery!

After work, every single one of ST family gathered for the special event!


We chose the same place as the last year because we loved~ the buffet and the atmosphere there~

We even got the same room~!




Look at the dish! Their lamp was lovely >_<



We arrived there at 8:00pm and had buffet first before the main event!

Should not forget special toss!



After finish eating,

we began in earnest with chopstick game!


The rule was to pick up small bean sized chocolate balls on a plate~

Since this is the game requires detail hand technique, we were expecting a lot on nurse team +_+


All of them were so focused that they did not even know if they were being photo taken~



The winner was the 3rd group (where is the photo T_T??) and

each member of the team received Dr.Kim's presents!




The second game was O/X quiz which most of them found quite difficult getting the answer!

Final two was our Chinese coordinator and Nurse captain, and the winner was........???


The coordinator!

She received a department gift card Dr.Kim prepared~





During the middle of the games, we also prepared lucky draw time

to give Dr.Kim's presents to more people~


She is our Korean coordinator!

And the cute looking pink lady on the right side is Dr.Kang Hyeong-joo !



Our Korean consultant, Eun! I heard she received more than 1 item on the day!

Lucky her! +_+



Who are they~?

We have Dr.Kim on the left, our lovely Chinese coordinator (She got the best body in the world! T_T),

and International manager~



You see~? Ms.Eun got more than 1, hehe~

The one on the right side is our local marketing manager~!​ 




While playing different games, we feel each other more close!

Definitely fun playing moment! 





Continue from the last year, we did not forget to think about how ST was to our patients~


We had a great time to consider more idea to provide better service to ST's patients

as well as the future direction of ST for 2018~​

We previously asked all of our members to come up some idea,

and picked two the best idea among them!

Based on their great idea, we will improve ST much better +_+




Dr.Kim had short moment of thanking all the staffs as well as the right direction of ST in 2018 as well~





The last step of Year End Party? You always need a photo of everyone +_+



We appreciate for every single one of patients and visitors to ST Plastic Surgery Clinic,

and we will try our best (or more than best +_+) to provide the great satisfaction as well in 2018 !



Thank you all   








For any questions regarding price or surgery, please feel free to contact us

We will be always looking forward to hear from you!

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