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Title Dr.Kim visited ASAN Hospital for the lecture on Orbital Fat Reposition…
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Subject:  Dark Circles of Lower eyelids



On October 25th, 2017,

Dr.Kim visited ASAN Hospital to give the lecture on the surgical method of Orbital Fat Repositioning!

He was invited by the plastic surgery division of ASAN Hospital.


He presented the special technique of ST Orbital Fat Repositioning Surgery and well-received by

international medical specialists as well as the medical staffs of ASAN Hospital who attended the presentation.





With special know-how on Orbital Fat Repositioning Surgery through many years of abundant clinical experiences,

Dr.Kim Sang-tae has been working on developing advanced surgical techniques,

various researches, and lecturing on medical specialists.



ST Plastic Surgery Clinic will do our utmost to work on development of advanced medical service and spreading it.









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